Highlights from Previous Ummatics Colloquium Meetings:

Dr. Ovamir Anjum presents the imperative for the Ummatics Colloquium project and summarizes his article “Who Wants the Caliphate” at the first Ummatics Colloquium meeting:
Dr. Walaa Quisay responds with three takeaways to Dr. Ovamir Anjum’s presentation at the first Ummatics Colloquium meeting:
Dr. Heba Raouf Ezzat responds to Dr. Ovamir Anjum’s introduction to the Ummatics Colloquium project, providing five points regarding the importance of the project as well as four dimensions that affect such an effort:
Muneeza Rizvi (Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology at the University of California Davis) presents her paper titled, “Palestine and the Secular” at the Third Ummatics Colloquium:
Last modified: November 16, 2021

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