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Questioning the Caliphate

Ovamir Anjum’s refreshingly bold essay ‘Who Wants the Caliphate?’ (2019) is a wide-ranging reflection on various aspects of Muslim thinking about the caliphate. Through a detailed argument for the desirability, feasibility

من يريد الخلافة؟

English | العربية شكر وتقدير أود أن أتقدم أولا بشكري وامتناني لعدد من العلماء والأصدقاء الذين بذلوا جهدا كبيرا في قراءة المسودات السابقة لهذا المقال وقدموا في هذا المجال اقتراحات لا

Who Wants the Caliphate?

This article was originally published by the Yaqeen Institute. The original version can be found here. English | العربية Editor’s Note This publication was scheduled for release before the news of